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The virtual collection

The main tasks of the virtual collection of CAMP (Contemporary Art Museum Project) are to provide information on Latvian contemporary art in its various stages of development, to outline the overall picture of the art scene, to generate a discussion on the need for a public collection of contemporary art in Latvia, to provide the public with a freely accessible and attractive information base on contemporary art as well as to encourage art experts and those interested to express their ideas on a concept for a possible contemporary art museum collection.


The selection of works for the virtual collection is based on the materials from the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art database. In broad terms these have been gathered through working closely with the organisers of contemporary art exhibitions and simultaneously recording the forms and manifestations of alternative expressions of art. The virtual collection is not a duplicate of the possible “real” museum collection as many of the works no longer exist and survive only in documentation.


The contours of the definition of contemporary art map such conditions as the interaction of the art process with the surroundings, its relevance and contextuality in time and space. In this case the format and medium employed are of no consequence. The virtual collection has been envisaged as the documentation of the most essential ideas, concepts and formal expression of the art of the day. It is structured in chronological order beginning with the 1980s. The main selection criteria are – the significance of the art work in both the artist’s own oeuvre and in the overall context of what was happening in art, as well its influence on the development of the art process.

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